Our Incredible Results Stories

Before Herbalife, I was super self-conscious and did not even like going out into my community. I wore my husband's clothes to hide my body because I was so insecure.

I got started on the Herbalife products and noticed an immediate energy increase. I joined a Body Transformation Challenge with my husband and lost 16 lbs. In the first 3 months, I lost a total of 30 pounds!!! 


Since then, I have had a healthy pregnancy and have lost all the baby weight, post-partum.


I am in better shape than in high school.


- Jes G

I stopped weighing myself at 325 pounds. I might have weighed more, but I was too self-conscious to get on the scale.


I started getting the Herbalife shakes for lunch. My first shake was Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it changed my life!


I entered a Body Transformation Challenge with my wife and lost 16 pounds, and then went on to lose a total of 75 pounds!!! 

I no longer let my weigh determine my future!


- Kenton G

Before Herbalife, I was a stay at home mom. I gained an unhealthy 65 pounds during my pregnancies.


I saw a friend post about Herbalife on social media so I reached out to him. I got started on a 3-day trial and noticed energy right away!

I started on the products right away and 18 months later, I am down 32 pounds and have more energy and clearer skin than ever!

I also love surroudning myself with people with the same goals and dedication for support, which keeps me accountable! 

I love Herbalife!


- Mandy E


Before Herbalife, I struggled with an eating disorder and I was never eating enough or gaining any muscle.


I got on 2 shakes per day, tea, and aloe and initially put on 21 bs of muscle, took my metabolic age from a 21 to a 12, and dropped my body fat by 20%!


I feel absolutely INCREDIBLE now, both mentally and physically!!!  


I have SO much energy & I don’t need naps!


- Alyssa D

"EVERYTHING in life comes with Hard work, discipline, and consistency."


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