How to become a

đź’µ Distributor with Herbalife Nutrition đź’µ

  1. Go to and under Join Herbalife, click Apply Online

  2. Choose the Distributor option for $94.10 (plus T & S) and fill out the form

  3. Enter the sponsor ID number: 10Y0531458 and the first 3 letters of last name: NEM

  4. Congratulations on becoming a Distributor!!!


Benefits of joining

  • Enjoy up to 50% profit on your sales and 50% discount on your product orders!

  • Training and education system provided

  • No sales aids required

  • No monthly minimum sales required

  • Order as little or as much as you want​

  • Exclusive access to Distributor training page - Distributor group chat, sales and marketing plan training, product education, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and more!



  • Remember your username and password to! Save it in the notes app on your phone.

  • Once you join, let us know so we can give you access to the exclusive Distributor training page!