We are Mary and Jeff Nemecek


In 2013, Mary wanted to lose weight for our wedding. She was workiong out all the time and kept searching for an easy way to be healthier. The funny thing is, she was working out and seeing no results because she still had the bad nutritional habits that led to the weight gain in the first place!


She finally found a way.


A simple, delicious, enjoyable way to change not only hers, but her family's lifestyle.  

A way to feel and look better...finally!


She approached me but all I could see was dollar signs. I was still stuck in a limited mindset. I needed a change too.

Our Coaches invited us to a short meeting where they introduced us to a healthier way to lead our lives, but also a way to earn part-time income helping our friends be healthier too! We were totally into that!


They invited us to a weekend leadership development conference where we heard people just like us, in similar situations, saying how they had lost weight (Mary loved this part) and gained muscle and energy (we both loved this part).


Like our coaches had mentioned, most of the people we say had even started helping their friends be healthier were making incredible part-time income working the their business around what they were already doing.

We even heard full-time incomes. The type of incomes that make you turn your head. Incomes where some of the top achievers make more in 1 month than most people do in year!


We had never heard of such an opportunity and knew this could be a way out of debt we had from student loans, wedding expenses, frivilous purchases on credit cards, and just the day to day grind of working a job - aka "just over broke"!

We had already been doing the products, so we already had great results, but now we were even more serious! We joined a Body Transformation Challenge and during the 12 weeks, Mary lost over 30 lbs and Jeff lost 9 lbs of fat, gained 12 lbs of muscle, and gained SO MUCH ENERGY! 


People started asking us what we were doing, so we shared the products with them. We made some sales and were shook how easy it was! We sold over $4,000 in the first 6 weeks!

6 months into this part-time business, Mary had replaced her full-time income that she was making as a Mortgage Underwriter and Credit Analyst. Oh yeah, and she absolutely HATED working in a cubicle, having people yell at her all day long, not getting the respect she deserved for working so hard.

At this moment, she decided to go full-time in our business, so she partnered in our Coach's nutrition club and in within 1 year, we opened our first location in her hometown, Mentor, Ohio, 100 miles from where we started.

It was a challenge and an opportunity all at the same time, and we were determined to make it work, no matter what!!!

We opened our first location and within the first few years, through her consistent day-in and -day-out hard work, talking to a lot of people and building a large customer base, inviting people interested in doing this business with us, and inviting them to events to learn about our business, training an incredible team to do this business with us, Mary was able to retire Jeff from corporate America in August 2018 to join her!


We are now both full-time, raising our 5 children together and work part-time in our nutrition clubs, part-time from home!


It is truly a dream come true!

Before starting our business, our future looked grim, hopeless, unsure.


Since starting in 2013, we have gained control over our life, are our own bosses, can travel when and to wherever we want, and have built a financial wall that nothing can take away!

Let me tell you, the peace of mind that comes with this kind of life is truly priceless!!!

Was it easy? Of course not. Anything worth achieving is hard, consistent work.


Was it worth? ABSOLUTELY!

Why not check out this life-changing opportunity for yourself? What if there was a way out of your current health or financial situation? What if there was a way to get out of the “rat race”? If no one had ever told you, you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything you want in life! You don’t have to work for 40 years and retire with 40% of your income. You can design your own life too!

Top 1% of Distributors. If achieved, our top 1% earners (typically President’s Team members) take between 5 and 11 years to reach that level through skill and consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at HerbalifeNutrition.com/SAGC.